Christian Moritz Graf Königsegg und Rothenfels

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Christian Moritz von Königsegg-Rothenfels

Count Christian Moritz von Koenigsegg und Rothfels (November 24, 1705 – July 21, 1778 in Vienna) was knight of the Teutonic Order of Altshausen. He was a nephew of Field Marshal Joseph Lothar von Königsegg.

He went early into the military service and joined the regiment of his uncle as a Colonel. In 1734, he fought in the Battle of Guastalla and was wounded. He fought in the wars against the Turks and the War of Austrian Succession. After the Peace of Aachen, he was Imperial ambassador at the court of the Electorate of Cologne and Feldzeugmeister.

In the Seven Years' War he fought in Bohemia and was defeated in the Battle of Reichenberg. Nevertheless, he was appointed Field Marshal in 1758.