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Christian Nesmith in 2013

Christian DuVal Nesmith (born January 31, 1965) is a musician from Los Angeles, CA, and the eldest son of Monkee Michael Nesmith and Phyllis (Nesmith) Gibson.

He has worked with his father (on the album The Garden), Michael Sherwood (on Tangletown and in the band GLP), Ty Tabor (backing vocals on 2002's Safety),[1] Doug Pinnick of King's X (touring band from 1998)[2] and formerly Cindy Alexander. Played in the band Chodle's Trunk with drummer Nick Menza of Megadeth and guitarist Anthony Gallo as well as playing on a track for Menza's Life After Deth album. He also co-writes, produces, and plays guitar for Americana musician, and girlfriend Circe Link [3] ("Let's Go Together" 2003, "One Drop of Poison" 2004, "Live in Japan" 2006, "Moody Girl" 2006, "Vonnegut's Wife" 2011, "California Kid" 2011, "Dumb Luck" 2013, "Bird's Amazing Odyssey & The Meaning of Tea" 2015).

He released a solo album, An Axe to Grind, in 2006 on Blackwings Multimedia.[4]

In 2007, Christian was the musical director of HAIR at The Met Theatre in Los Angeles, produced by Michael Butler and directed by Bo Crowell. This production won The Best Musical Award of 2007 from the LA Weekly.[5]

He toured with Air Supply in 2009 as lead guitarist.

He toured with his father for The Monkees' reunion tours between 2012-2014.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA


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