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Christian Tanna (born Christian Koshowski in Hamilton, Ontario) is a Canadian musician. He began playing drums in high school, and with his brother, Jagori Tanna, formed I Mother Earth in 1990.[1] Tanna played on 1993's Dig, 1996's Scenery and Fish, 1999's Blue Green Orange, and 2003's The Quicksilver Meat Dream. He wrote all of I Mother Earth's lyrics, and has a distinct, psychedelic style of writing.

Tanna created and organized Blue Sky Revival, an event to support Earth Day, in Toronto on 22 April 2005. He has taken over management duties for the band dodger, and is also in a management role at the record label UpperLeftSide Music. Tanna also supported ex-I Mother Earth bandmate Brian Byrne as the drummer for his band in 2008.

Currently, he drums for the indie band the Flaming Hoops, and is the general manager of The Venue, a concert and events venue in Peterborough, Ontario. Previously he was the event planner for the Park Playhouse in Cobourg, Ontario.[2]

Tanna has reunited with the rest of the most recent I Mother Earth lineup to play several live performances at venues across Canada in 2012 and release a new song.[3]


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