Christian Vidal

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Christian Vidal
Born Christian Vidal
(1972-04-26) April 26, 1972 (age 44)
Zarate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Residence Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Argentinian
Citizenship Argentinian
Christian Vidal
Genres Symphonic metal, heavy metal, hard rock, instrumental rock
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Instruments Guitar, sitar
Associated acts Therion, Cuero

Christian Vidal (born April 26, 1972 in Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentinian guitarist, member of the symphonic metal band Therion. He has so far released two solo albums.

Life and career[edit]

Christian Vidal was born in Zarate, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing guitar at the age of eight.

In 2001 he formed the heavy metal band Cuero together with former Kamikaze vocalist Enrique Gomez Yafal. Cuero went for several tours across Argentina and recorded two albums "Cuero" (2000) and "Heavy Metal" (2004).

Christian released his solo album "El Viaje" in 2005. He mixed instrumental rock with different native Argentinian styles like Folklore and Tango there. He had toured Spain with that album for two times.

In 2007 he got a place in The Road Vultures, the band had purpose of returning former Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin. The Road Vultures have already toured with him across South America and India. Other members were Charlie Giardina (bass) and Pablo Garrocho (drums).

For several years he had given guitar lessons at I.T.M.C. (Technological Institute for Contemporary Music), regarding improvisation and chord melody applied to Argentinian native music.[1]

In February 2010 Christian Vidal came to Therion as a new guitarist, and took part in recording "Sitra Ahra" album. After that he began the Latin American tour with Therion. It started on October 1 in Buenos Aires. Throughout November and December, they were touring Europe, presenting the band's new work.

In March 2012 Christian were in Sweden recording guitars for the new Therion album Les Fleurs du Mal.

In April 2012 he were on tour with Queen symphonic rhapsody with Thomas Vikstrom, Mats Leven, Michelle Mc Cain. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Therion, he was touring Latin America (June 2012) and Europe (Oct - Nov 2012).[2]


  • 2000 — Cuero «Cuero»
  • 2002 — Christian Vidal «Instrumental»
  • 2004 — Cuero «Heavy Metal»
  • 2005 — Christian Vidal «El Viaje»
  • 2010 — Therion «Sitra Ahra»
  • 2012 — Therion «Les Fleurs du Mal»


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