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Christian Volckman (b. 1971[1]) is a French film director, author, and painter. He is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques in Paris.

He is mainly known for his motion capture animation feature film Renaissance, with the English voices of Daniel Craig, Romola Garai, Jonathan Pryce, and Ian Holm, which won the Feature Film Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.[2] in 2006 and Best Feature Film at the 5th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV Specials[3] in 2007. The film, distributed by Miramax, received mixed reviews.[4]

His other film work includes music videos and two shorts, Le cobaye, which received a Prix du Jury at Annecy in 1995, and Maaz, which has been shown at nearly 100 festivals and won 30 prizes,[citation needed] including two for sound.

Volckman has directed several music videos, including "Miss Chang" and " Once upon a Time" for the group Chinese Man. "Paris sera toujours Paris", "Sous le ciel de Paris" and "Champs Elysées" for the singer ZAZ. "Requiem" is the song for Alma that represents France at the Eurovision 2017.

In 2008, he and visual artist Raphael Thierry started the website ©®, an artistic collaboration developing thematic films and exhibitions named THEFLOW.

He is scheduled to direct The Room, with Olga Kurylenko and Justin Chatwin.

He is developing two other films: Rapaces (Predator), produced by Oriflammes Films, and The Kid, produced by Bidibul productions and Superprod.


Year Title Position Note
1994 Le cobaye Director and writer Student short film
1995 Rayman Animator Video game
1999 Maaz Director, writer, producer and actor Short film
2003 The Man Without a Face Poster designer Short film
2006 Renaissance Director, art director and original production designer Feature film
2006-2017 Music videos for Zaz, Chineseman, Pep's, Alma Director and original production designer Music videos
2018 Rapaces Director Feature film
2019 The Room Writer, director and original production designer Feature film
2020 The Kid Director and art director Feature film

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