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Christian Witkin (* 1966 in Manchester, England) is a New York-based fashion and portrait photographer. He was born to an American father, artist Jerome Witkin [1], a figurative painter, and a Dutch mother. His uncle is the photographer Joel Peter Witkin.


Witkin lived in Amsterdam until 1984, before he moved to New York to study at Syracuse University, where he graduated with a BA for Fine Arts & Photography. An assignment for Vibe Magazine in 1993 launched his professional career. After His first editorial assignment for Vibe, Christian garnered immediate critical success and recognition for his work. He thereafter began to work with the New York Times Magazine and Vanity Fair as well as show in solo gallery exhibitions and museums. Since then his work has appeared in most major magazines such as Vogue (American, British, German, Spanish and Japanese editions), Elle Magazine, W, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, The London Sunday Times, Arena, i-D, and 2wice magazines. His advertising clients include Gap, Nike, IBM, American Express, Microsoft, Philips, Calvin Klein, Levi's and Esprit.[citation needed]


  • Society of Publication Designers Gold Award in Photography
  • Vanguard Photographer of the Year Award (Tokyo, 2000)[dubious ]

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