Christian calendar

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List of Christian liturgical calendars, calendars used by predominantly Christian communities or countries, and calendars referred to as the "Christian calendar."

  • Gregorian calendar – Internationally accepted civil calendar – used in Western Christendom
  • Armenian calendar – used by Armenian Christians and Churches
  • Coptic calendar – Egyptian liturgical calendar (also known as the Alexandrian calendar)  – used by Coptic Christians and Churches
  • Ethiopian calendar – Principal calendar used in Ethiopia and Eritrea (also known as the Ge'ez calendar or Eritrean calendar), it is also used as a liturgical calendar by Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians.
  • Julian calendar – Calendar introduced by Julius Caesar – used in most of Eastern Christendom
    • Revised Julian calendar – Calendar used by some Eastern Orthodox churches (also known as the Milanković calendar)
  • Liturgical year – Annually recurring fixed sequence of Christian feast days