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Christiana High School is a public high school in Newark, Delaware. The school has been awarded Blue Ribbon School status.[1]


Founded in 1963, Christiana High School is one of three high schools in the Christina School District (the other two being Newark High School and Glasgow High School). It is located on the outskirts of Newark, Delaware. It is within close proximity to the University of Delaware.


Starting in the 2005/2006 school year, students are required to take four credits each of English, science or history, and math. The only core credit requirement not changed is social studies, where a total of three credits are still required.

Like all other high school students in Delaware, Christiana High School students are required to have 1.5 credits of Phys. ed. /Health. Two years of a foreign language (French or Spanish) are required, and so is one year worth of computer literacy. Miscellaneous requirements for graduation include a senior research project and one credit of community service.

Christiana High School helps students try to specialize in their future profession by having them follow a career pathway. Students are required to take at least three credits worth of a specific area of study. For example, students wishing to focus on agriculture in the future should take at least three of the thirteen agriscience classes offered. Christiana High School was also ranked 31 out of a total 33 Delaware High Schools For Academics.

AP Classes include English, physics, psychology, calculus, world history, environmental science, biology, and chemistry.

In 2004, Christiana High School and other high schools in the same district created “learning communities” for freshmen. This concept helps freshmen adjust from middle school to high school. Freshmen are split up into groups that are led by four core subject teachers, a concept reminiscent of middle school. However, the freshmen also have four more classes that are outside the small groups. This mixture of middle and high school allows the freshmen to become used to the new lifestyle by the time they are sophomores. In addition to the “learning communities”, Christiana High School has also been defined as being a “Culinary and Hotel Management Institute” by the district. This is due to the high number of business and culinary classes present in the school. Classes include culinary arts, hotel management, business, financial record-keeping, JDEG (Jobs for Delaware Graduates), etc.

During May 2007, the Music Department led by Mr. Jeffrey Dombchik and Mrs. Wendy Dobroski attended the "All American Music Festival" in Florida. Their trip included the Parade Band Marching through MGM Studios and the concert band performing in front of three judges, the chorus and show choir also performed in front of judges. Ashley Inman received a specialty award for best drum major. During the entire trip, they stayed for a total of five days, traveled to and from via charter bus and visited: Blizzard Beach, MGM Studios, Planet Hollywood, Magic Kingdom, and Universal Studios. Each student received a medal and trophies are now in the possession of the schools. [2]


As of the 2005 school year, there were approximately 1,500 students in Christiana High School. There are a little over a hundred students who have made Christiana High School their choice school. This allows these students to live outside of the district yet still attend Christiana High School. There is also an 8% drop out rate among students (2009).[3]


There are 106 instructors who are a part of the school staff, or approximately 16 students per teacher. A sizable minority of the staff (30%) has more than twenty years of teaching experience.[3]

Extra-curricular activities[edit]

Sports - Boys

  • Cross-Country (2008 Cross Country District Champions, 5th at State Cross Country Championships)
  • Baseball (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman)
  • Basketball (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman) [2007 state champs; 1970 state runners-up]
  • Football (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman) (1977 Division II state champs; 1994 Division I state champs)
  • Golf
  • Hockey (club)
  • Indoor Track (First in 2009 State Championship, third in 2005 state championship)
  • Soccer (1973 State Champions)
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor Track (First in 2009 County Championships, First in 2009 State Championship, Second in 2009 Conference Championship, first in 2005 county championships, third in division for 2005 state championships)
  • Wrestling

Sports - Girls

  • Lacrosse
  • Cross-Country
  • Basketball (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman)
  • Field Hockey
  • Hockey (club)
  • Indoor Track
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshmen) (1977, 1978, 1979 state champions)

Clubs, Organizations


  • Concert band
  • Band
  • Drum line
  • Girls Chorus
  • Mixed chorus
  • Piano
  • Viking Singers
  • Viking Steppers
  • Jazz Band



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Novel of fiction - "My Life and Times at Race Riot High" by Jay Bump - Raider Publishing

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