Christiana Islands

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Christiana as seen from Santorini. Askania is on the left and Christiani on the right.

Christiana (Greek: Χριστιανά) is a group of three volcanic Greek islands in the Cyclades.[1] The group is located about 10 miles southwest of Santorini and is made up of the islands Christiani (Χριστιανή, the largest one), Eschati (Εσχάτη) and Askania (Ασκανιά). The island's area is about 2.35 km². All three islands are now uninhabited but on Christiani there are remains of human settlement dating back to Neolithic times. Christiana islands have been uninhabited since the 1890s and have remained un-farmed since then, as a result artificial pesticides and fertilizers are absent from this ecosystem. In the mid 1970s, the largest island, Christiani was considered by NATO as a military base intended to host a missile silo, this never came to pass. These islands are privately owned and public access is restricted.


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Coordinates: 36°15′N 25°12′E / 36.250°N 25.200°E / 36.250; 25.200