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The October 9, 2007 Homepage of
Type of site
Available in English
Owner Salem Web Network
Created by Salem Web Network
Alexa rank Negative increase 105,280 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial yes
Registration Optional
Launched February 2005
Current status active is a site owned and operated by Salem Web Network and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The stated focus of is to provide Christian content and interactive tools to help people understand Christianity. The site has a conservative, Protestant theological tone. Pastors, authors, and speakers such as John F. MacArthur, Adrian Rogers, Kay Arthur, Chuck Swindoll, Hank Hanegraaff, and John Piper contribute to the site.


Traffic for the site is between 2 and 3 million page views per month.[2]


When it originally debuted in 1999, was headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Spencer Jones from Christian Broadcasting Network (who invested $10 million in the startup) and David Davenport, who was head of Pepperdine University for 10 years, served as COO and CEO. Other funding and credit partners are Sequoia Capital, which invested $10 million, and Comdisco Ventures Group, which loaned $10 million for equipment and services.[3] In the middle of the dotcom bust the company went bankrupt and on December 18, 2001, the domain name was purchased by a successful named Renewal Enterprises, LLC,[4] located in Alexandria, Virginia, which had also started in 1999, but to much less fanfare.

Salem Web Network announced the acquisition of from Renewal Enterprises on February 11, 2005[5] for approximately $3.4 million.

Online Bible Search Engine[edit]'s sister site[6] offers bible browsing functionality and a number of search functions as well as a variety of other study tools.


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