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Christianity is the largest religion in Arunachal Pradesh, a state of Northeast India bordering China. According to the census of 2011 Christians constitute 30.26% of the state's population.[1] The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination in the state with around 180,000 adherents. The Arunachal Baptist Church Council is the second largest denomination with 83,000 baptized members in about 1,000 churches.

The state belongs to the area of the diocese of North East India of the Church of North India.[2] The Roman Catholic Diocese of Itanagar and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Miao have their seat in the state. The state is an area of rapid growth of Roman Catholicism in recent years.[3]

Among the Christians in the state there is a literacy rate higher than the rate in the state population at large.[4]

Religion in Arunachal Pradesh [5]
religion percent
Others (mostly Donyi-Polo)

Christian missionary activity is not allowed in Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal has prohibited bribery or coercion for conversion since 1978, but there is no record of coerced conversions and no one has been brought to trial under the law.[6]

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