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Christianity is a minority in Guangdong, a province of China. The province has more Christians than Muslims.[1] Christianity in Hong Kong enjoys more liberty. In the 16th century, missionaries entered Zhaoqing in Guangdong.[2] Roman Catholic missionary Matteo Ricci came to Guangdong Province in 1583.[3] In September 1807 Robert Morrison landed in Guangzhou.[4] Mr. and Mrs. Elijah C. Bridgman, the first American Protestant missionaries to China, arrived in Guangzhou in 1830.[5] The Protestant population of Guangdong exceeds half a million.[6]

Watchman Nee was from Guangdong. The province has numerous house churches.[7] Guangzhou has Union Theological Seminary. Religious liberty is closer to be respected in Guangdong than in other areas.[8] The house churches in Guangdong face the constant and fearful risk of being closed and its members punished.[9] The province has more Protestants than Catholics.[10] Lutherans used to be active in the province.[11]


Christianity reached Chaozhou in the 19th century.[12] There used to be more than 100 Baptist churches.[13] Furthermore, there used to be Presbyterian churches.[14]

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