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Henan province of China has one of the largest Christian populations of East Asia.[1] There are believed to be several million Christians in Henan, most of them attending Chinese house churches.[2] Henan is thought to have one of the most significant proportions of Christians of any Chinese province.[3] Henan has one of the largest Protestant populations of the country.[4] Many Protestants of Henan live in rural areas.[4] On August 6, 2004, a hundred house church members were arrested in Henan.[5] During the Boxer Rebellion, Christians were killed in Henan.[6] The Henan Mission, up to 1925 of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, was founded in 1888.[7] The Shouters are active in the province.[8] There is persecution of Christians.[2] Bishop Li Hongye was arrested in Luoyang in 2001.[2] A Henan Bible School exists.[3]

Roman Catholic dioceses with seat in Henan[edit]


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