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Christina Kenworthy-Browne CJ is an English Roman Catholic Religious Sister who belongs to the Congregation of Jesus, as well as an academic, researcher and writer.

In 2009 at the opening of Bar Convent's Jubilee 400 Heritage Project, Sister Christina Kenworthy-Browne introduced a new edition of A Briefe Relation (1650), the oldest biography of Mary Ward, the founder of both the Sisters of Loreto and the Congregation of Jesus, inspired by the way of life of the Society of Jesus.[1]


A member of the Catholic Records Society, Kenworthy-Browne was archivist and librarian at the Bar Convent in York, the oldest surviving convent in England. She also served as a director governor of St Mary's School Ascot.

Kenworthy-Browne has researched the history of recusancy in Great Britain and participated at the Downside Abbey Conference on Recusant Archives and Remains from the Three Kingdoms (1560–1789).


Sister Christina is the sister of John Anthony Kenworthy-Browne,[2] also a historian and writer.


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