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Pronunciation/krɪˈstn/ kri-STEEN
Gendermainly Female with a rare Male[1]
Word/nameGreek via Latin, Hebrew
Derived from Hebrew word for Messiah
Region of originNorth America
Other names
Related namesCristina, Christina, Kristine, Kristina, Kristiina, Krystyna

Christine is mainly a feminine name of Greek or Egyptian origin, although it is also rarely used for males. It is a name in regular usage in French, English, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Irish, and Scottish cultures,[1] and it is often associated with the meaning "Follower of Christ."[2] Other ways to say Christine are Christina, Kristin, Kristina, Kristine, Kristen, Kirsten, Hristina, Krystyna, Cristina (most used in Portugal, Spain and Latin American countries), etc. In Estonia and Finland, the cognate is Kristiina. It is a popular name; for example, in 1968, it was the 14th most frequently-given name for girls in the United States.[1][2] The name Christine can be shortened to Chris, Christie or Chrissy.


  • کریستینه (Persian)
  • كريستين (Arabic)
  • Крысціна (Kryścina) (Belarusian)
  • খ্রীস্টিন (Khrīsṭina) (Bengali)
  • Hristina (Bosnian)
  • Кристин (Kristin) (Bulgarian)
  • Χριστίνα (Christína) (Greek)
  • ક્રિસ્ટીન (Krisṭīna) (Gujarati)
  • כריסטין (Hebrew)
  • क्रिस्टीन (Krisṭīna) (Hindi)
  • Cristina (Italian)
  • クリスティーヌ (Kurisutīnu), クリスティーン (Kurisutīn) (Japanese)
  • 克莉丝汀(kèlìsītīng) (Chinese)
  • கிரிஸ்தீன் (Krisṭin) (Tamil)
  • ಕ್ರಿಸ್ಟಿನ್ (Krisṭin) (Kannada)
  • 크리스틴 (Keuriseutin) (Korean)
  • Кристин (Kristin) (Macedonian)
  • क्रिस्टिन (Krisṭina) (Nepali)
  • کریستین (Persian)
  • Krystyna (Polish)
  • Kristýna (Czech)
  • Kristína (Slovakian)
  • Кристина (Kristina) (Russian)
  • Cristina (Kristina) (Spanish)
  • Cristine (Tagalog)
  • Kristīne (Latvian)
  • קריסטין (Krystyn) (Yiddish)
  • ქრისტინე (Georgian)
  • Христина (Ukrainian)

Sense and origin of the name[edit]

Generally, the name Christine is given in Christ's honor and in reference to Saint Christina of Tyr, remembered on the 24th of July. However, there are also many other Saint Christines, remembered on 6 February, 13 March for Christine of Persia, 24 March, 18 May for Christine of Ancyre, and 6 November.

People with the given name Christine[edit]


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Females in sports[edit]

  • Christine Adams (athlete) (born 1974), a German pole vaulter
  • Christine Amertil (born 1979,) a Bahamian athlete competing mainly in the 400 metres
  • Christine Arron (born 1973), a track and field sprint athlete, competing internationally for France
  • Christine Bannon-Rodrigues (born 1966), an American martial artist and actress
  • Christine Beck (born 1974), a German football referee and former player
  • Christine Boudrias (born 1972), a Canadian short track speed skater who competed in the 1994 & 1998 Winter Olympics
  • Christine Brennan (born 1958), an American sports columnist, TV and radio commentator, and speaker
  • Christine Cook (born 1970), a retired field hockey defender from England
  • Christine Envall (born 1972), an Australian professional bodybuilder
  • Christine Girard (born 1985), a Canadian weightlifter who was the first Canadian female to win a medal in weightlifting
  • Christine Nesbitt (born 1985), a retired Canadian long track speed skater and former Olympic 1000m champion
  • Christine Ohuruogu (born 1984), a British track and field athlete and former Olympic 400m Champion
  • Christine Truman (born 1941), a British tennis player and French Open Champion
  • Christine Sinclair (born 1983), a Canadian football player who is currently a member of the Canadian National Soccer Team

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