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Christine King Feehan
BornChristine King
California, United States
GenreRomance, paranormal romance, fantasy, paranormal

Christine Feehan (b. Christine King in California) is an American romance-paranormal writer. She has published more than 40 novels, including five series, and numerous novellas since 1999.[1]


Christine King was born in California. She grew up with three brothers and ten sisters. She spent a lot of time getting in trouble at school for writing instead of doing the things she was supposed to do. Later she forced her ten sisters to read every word.

She is married to Richard Feehan, and together they have 11 children (each had children from previous marriages). Today, her daughters read and help her edit her manuscripts.

Feehan has been published in multiple languages. In October 2007 her first manga comic, Dark Hunger, was released. This was the first manga comic released by Berkley Publishing, and it reached #11 on Publishers Weekly's bestsellers list.[2]



Feehan is a #1 New York Times best selling author of five novels. She has won multiple Paranormal Excellence Awards for Romantic Literature (PEARL) and Romantic Times awards. She has been on bestsellers list including those of Publishers Weekly [3] and USA Today[citation needed]. Feehan has also received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times and has been nominated for a RITA award by the Romance Writers of America.[4]

#1 New York Times Best Sellers List[edit]

Novel Publication Date New York Times Best Seller List
Safe Harbor June 2007 Paperback Best Sellers[5]
Dark Curse September 2008 Best Sellers: Fiction[6]
Murder Game December 2008 Paperback Best Sellers: Fiction: Mass-Market
Hidden Currents June 2009 Paperback Best Sellers: Mass Market Fiction[7]
Street Game December 2009 Paperback Best Sellers: Fiction: Mass-Market

Romantic Times Awards[edit]

Novel Year Category Award
Dark Magic 2000 Vampire paranormal romance[8] Reviewer's Choice Award[4]
Dark Fire 2001 Vampire paranormal romance Reviewer's Choice Award[9]
Dark Guardian 2002 Vampire romance Reviewer's Choice Award[4]
Lair of the Lion 2002 Historical paranormal romance[8] Reviewer's Choice Award[4]
-- 2003 Contemporary new reality Career Achievement Award[10]
Dark Destiny 2004 Vampire romance Reviewer's Choice Award[4]
-- 2015 Paranormal romance Career Achievement Award[11]

Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature (PEARL) Awards[edit]

Novel Year Award[4]
Dark Prince 1999 Best new author, best shapeshifter, and best overall
Dark Magic 2000 Best shapeshifter and best overall
Dark Dream 2001 Best novella and in best anthology
Dark Fire 2001 Best shapeshifter and best overall
After the Music 2001 In best anthology
Dark Guardian 2002 Best overall
Dark Melody 2003 Best shapeshifter and favorite overall
Dark Descent 2003 Best novella and in best anthology
Dark Hunger 2004 In best anthology
Mind Game 2004 Best fantasy
Dark Possession 2007 Best vampire

Other Awards[edit]

Novel Year Category Award
Dark Magic 2001 Paranormal Rita Awards Finalist[4]
Dark Fire 2001 Best heroine and other paranormal Francis Award[4]
-- 2004 -- RIO Award of Excellence[citation needed]
Water Bound 2011 Paranormal Rita Awards Finalist[4]
-- -- -- Golden Leaf Awards (New Jersey Romance Writers)[citation needed]


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