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Christine M. Rose
Christine M. Weisheit

(1969-11-12) November 12, 1969 (age 52)

Christine M. Rose (born Christine M. Weisheit, November 12, 1969 in Parma, Ohio) is a contemporary American author and freelance writer.


Her debut novel Rowan of the Wood won the 2009 National Indie Excellence Award[1] for YA fiction and received excellent reviews, including Austin Monthly Magazine,[2] Front Street Reviews,[3] Teens Read Too,[4] and the MidWest Book Review.[5]

In 2009, she was named one of the top 100 Twitter authors by Mashable[6] for her social networking skills. Her first nonfiction book "Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author" became an bestseller in its first week.

Rose's freelance work has appeared in "MovieMaker Magazine[7] " and on "CommonDreams.[8]" Before it became defunct, she frequently contributed content to the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog[9] on social networking, creative writing, the publishing industry, and marketing tips for the working author.

She produced a political documentary called "Liberty Bound" in 2004, which theatrically premiered in Paris, France, at a theatre in Place Saint-Michel. As a filmmaker, she has several credits on IMDb.

In 2010, she began writing paranormal romance under the pen name O. M. Grey,[10] whose steampunk novel Avalon Revisited was an Gothic romance bestseller and won The Steampunk Chronicle's 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Fiction.[11] O. M. Grey has published several short stories, including "Dead Mule Crossing," in a Pill Hill Press anthology;[12] "Twenty Minutes," in an SNM Horror Anthology;[13] and "Dust on the Davenport" for a podcast anthology[14] with veteran podcasters and authors Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. This last title also won The Steampunk Chronicle's 2012 Reader's Choice Award for best short story.

O. M. Grey enjoyed her first appearance as a literary guest of honor along with Cherie Priest at the 2011 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention[15] in Tucson, Arizona. Other Literary Guest of Honor appearances: Aetherfest[16] in San Antonio (2011 & 2012), The Difference Engine (2011) in Fort Worth, Clockwork Con in Austin, Texas (2012), and HRM Steampunk Symposium in Long Beach, California (2012), just to name a few. The 2011 Steampunk World's Fair[17] in Somerset, New Jersey, not only had Ms. Grey as an honored literary guest, but also celebrated Olivia by naming her "Muse of the Fair" by popular vote. In 2012, she was the cover model for Gearhearts Steampunk Revue #3, which also included a photo spread inside, as well as her short story "Of Aether and Aeon" and an in-depth interview.

Rose keeps a blog at [1] and currently lives in Northern California with her husband and co-author Ethan Rose. Together they have published four novels in the "Rowan of the Wood" fantasy series. The fifth book, "Spirit of the Otherworld" will be published late in 2013.

Selected works[edit]


  • Rowan of the Wood (Blue Moose Press) ISBN 978-0-9819949-0-1 (2008)
  • Witch on the Water (Blue Moose Press) ISBN 978-0-9819949-2-5 (2009)
  • Fire of the Fey (Blue Moose Press) ISBN 978-0-9819949-6-3 (2010)
  • Power of the Zephyr (Blue Moose Press) ISBN 978-1-936960-94-1 (2012)
As O. M. Grey:


  • "Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author" (Blue Moose Press) ISBN 978-0-9819949-4-9 (2011)

Short fiction[edit]

As O. M. Grey:
  • "Dust on the Davenport" (2011) Podcast. Tales from the Archives. Episode Two.
  • "Dead Mule Crossing" (2011) in How the West Was Wicked Anthology. (Pill Hill Press) ISBN 978-1-61706-086-1; eSteampunk eZine, October 2012
  • "Of Aether and Aeon" (2011) in Steampunk Adventures Magazine, June/July 2011; Gearhearts Steampunk Revue, July 2012
  • "Twenty Minutes" (2011) in SNM Horror Magazine, July 2011; Bonded By Blood IV (SNM Horror) ISBN 978-1-46803-403-5
  • "The Tragic Tale of Doctor Fausset" (2011) in "Stories in the Ether" by Nevermet Press, November 2011
  • "A Kiss in the Rain" (2013) by Riverdale Ave Books, January 2013; SNM Horror, February 2013
  • "Final Word" (2013) in "The Rusty Nail," January 2013


As O. M. Grey:
  • "New York Rain" (2011) in Bar None Group Hall of Fame, October 2011
  • "If I Had Known..." (2011) in Long Story Short, February 2012
  • "Look Into My Eyes" (2012) in SNM Horror Magazine, August 2012


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