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Christine Spengler (born 1945 in Alsace, France, raised in Madrid) is one of only a few renowned female war photographers of the 20th Century. Since 1970, she has photographed and reported on conflicts, primarily from the point of view of the victims of war. She worked freelance as a photographer for Sipa-Press, Corbis-Sygma, and AP, while she documented wars in Chad, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Western Sahara, Kurdistan, Nicaragua, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, among others. Her work has appeared in news publications worldwide, including Paris-Match, Time, Newsweek, El País, The New York Times, and Le Monde.

Christine Splengler has won several prizes for her work as a reporter, in particular the SCAM Prize (Paris) for her report on women in the war in 1998; and the Femme de l'Année (Woman of the Year) Prize in Brussels in 2002. She was honored with a major one-person retrospective exhibition in 2003 at the international photojournalism festival[vague] in Perpignan, France.


  • Une femme dans la guerre, éditions Ramsay, 1991 (autobiography)
  • Vierges et Toreros, éditions Marval, 2003
  • Années de Guerre, éditions Marval, 2003

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