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Christine Wallace (born 1960) is an Australian political journalist and biographer. She is married to Michael Costello AO, former Chief of staff to Kim Beazley.[1][2]


A graduate of the Australian National University (BA, politics and history), University of Sydney (BEc) and the Australian Graduate School of Management (MBA). Wallace's publications include Greer, Untamed Shrew (1997), The Private Don (2004), Julia Gillard (2011).

Christine Wallace's early interest in politics began when appointed a staffer in the office of Peter Shack MP, a Liberal member of the House of Representatives.[citation needed]

Wallace is a member of the Canberra Press Gallery and has worked for a wide range of print and electronic media outlets there including The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly and ABC Television. She is a regular member of judging panels for the Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism each year. Wallace can be heard on regular radio spots with 666 ABC Canberra and breakfast on Adelaide's top rating talk station 5AA.

During the 1990s, Wallace's articles in the The Australian Financial Review were very critical of Dr John Hewson, then leader of the opposition Liberal Party and whose economically liberal programme, "Fightback!", anticipated the political agenda of the Howard Government. Later she broke the story that she also claims sparked the resignation of Liberal Party leader Alexander Downer,[citation needed] allowing John Howard to regain the post and later become prime minister.

Recent journal articles include "Libertarian Nation By Stealth" (Griffith Review, 16, 2007) and "Clean, Orderly and Laminex Coloured" (Griffith Review, 19, 2008).



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