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The Christmas Bowl (クリスマスボウル, Kurisumasu Bōru) is the annual Japanese high-school American football championship game. In a way similar to the Super Bowl, the top two teams from throughout Japan come together in Tokyo Stadium to play against each other for the championship. As with most American Football leagues, the league setup is split into two regions — Kantō and Kansai — and the champions of each region play in the Christmas Bowl.[1][2] It takes place on even years in Kansai and on odd years in Kantō. Since 2001, the Kantō match takes place in Ajinomoto Stadium.

Surprising as it may seem, the competition has been going on almost as long as the Super Bowl, being only four contests behind.

The Christmas Bowl in the manga and anime series Eyeshield 21 is based on this competition.

Number of participating schools by district[edit]

Although it is stated as the Kanto and Kansai conventions, it really is the East of Japan vs. the West of Japan.

Kanto Tournament[edit]

  • 4 schools in the Tokyo district
  • 3 schools in the Kanagawa district
  • 2 schools in the (Saitama / Ibaraki / Chiba) districts
  • 1 school in the Shizuoka district

Kansai Competition[edit]

  • 3 schools in the Osaka district
  • 2 schools in the Hyogo district
  • 1.5 schools in Kyoto district
  • 1.5 schools in the Shiga district
  • 1 school in the Tokai district
  • 1 school in the Hiroshima district

The Tokai area is composed only of high schools of real Aichi prefecture. Kyoto 2nd place and Shiga 2nd place playoffs.

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