Christmas Singles

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Christmas Singles
Compilation album by Various Parasol Records Artists
Released 2000
Genre indie rock
Label Parasol Records
Various Parasol Records Artists chronology
Christmas Singles
Stuck in the Chimney (More Christmas Singles)

Christmas Singles is a holiday music compilation compiled by Parasol Records. The album, released in 2000, includes music from various Parasol recording artists, including White Town, Elizabeth Elmore (of Sarge and The Reputation), and Angie Heaton.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Erik Voeks – "Christmas Singles"
  2. Elizabeth Elmore – "White Christmas"
  3. Mark Bacino – "Merry Christmas, I Love You"
  4. Angie Heaton – "Hard Candy Christmas"
  5. George Usher Group – "I'll Be There on Christmas Day"
  6. Vitesse – "The Last Days of December"
  7. White Town – "Merry Fucking Christmas"
  8. Friends of Sound – "Christmas Light, End a Fight"
  9. Elk City – "Deer Crossing"
  10. Philo – "Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday"
  11. Kayla Brown – "All I Want for Christmas"
  12. Toothpaste 2000 – "I Wish That Everyday Was Christmas"
  13. Signalmen – "Holiday Wine"
  14. Shalini – "Nutrocker"
  15. Matt Bruno – "Merry Christmas"
  16. Doleful Lions – "Auld Lang Syne"