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Christmas plants are various flowers or vegetation from garden plants associated with the festive season of Christmas. There are many different plants used around the world during Christmas. Beyond Christmas flowers, there are also Christmas foods, and Christmas drinks, that use traditional plants. There are also a wide variety of plants that include "Christmas" in their common name.

Logs specifically are used in the following Christmas traditions:

Other plants used in Christmas celebration:

Christmas cactus, also known as orchid cactus, often blooms around Christmas time. There are a number of different cactus species sold as "Christmas cactus" including Schlumbergera opuntioides, Schlumbergera kautskyi, and Schlumbergera microsphaerica.

Christmas rose can be any of the following:

Christmas tree is applied to a number of plants:

Christmas wreath as wreaths made from:

A holiday wreath
  • spruce, pine or cedar branches
  • pinecones from evergreen trees
  • holly berries or branches

Christmas bush is used for:

Christmas bells is applied to:

Other plants with "Christmas" in their name include:


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