Christof Wandratsch

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Christof Wandratsch
Personal information
Born December 20, 1966

Christof Wandratsch (born December 20, 1966) is a long distance swimmer from Germany. 1990 he won the Lake Zurich Swim. In August 2005 he set the world record for the fastest ever swim of the English Channel in a time of 7 h 03 mins,[1] beating the previous record set by Chad Hundeby in 1994 of 7 h 17 mins. Christof came extremely close to beating the record in 2003, failing by just 3 mins, finishing in a time of 7 h 20 mins.

His record was broken by 6 mins in 2007 by Petar Stoychev who set at time of 6 h 57 mins.


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