Christoph Daniel Ebeling

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Christoph Daniel Ebeling
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Christoph Daniel Ebeling (20 November 1741 near Hildesheim, Hanover – 30 June 1817 in Hamburg) was a scholar of Germany who studied the geography and history of North America.


Ebeling studied theology at Göttingen, but devoted himself to geographical studies, and for 33 years taught history and Greek in the Hamburg gymnasium. He was also superintendent of the Hamburg library, and collected about 10,000 maps and nearly 4,000 books relating to America. Ebeling's magnum opus was a Geography and History of North America (5 vols., Hamburg, 1796–1816), forming a continuation of Büsching's General Geography. He received a vote of thanks from the United States Congress for this work.

He was noted for his extensive knowledge of oriental languages, of classic and foreign literature, and of history and geography.[1] Ebeling's collection was purchased by Israel Thorndike in the year after Ebeling's death, and given by him to Harvard.

Ebeling was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1814.[2]