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Christoph Gottfried Andreas Giebel (13 September 1820 – 14 November 1881) was a German zoologist and palaeontologist.


Giebel was born on 13 September 1820 in Quedlinburg, Prussian Saxony, and educated at the University of Halle, where he graduated in 1845 with a Ph.D.. At Halle his instructors were Ernst Friedrich Germar and Hermann Burmeister.[1] In 1858 he became professor of zoology and director of the museum there. He died on 14 November 1881 at Halle.[2]

Memorial stone of Christoph Gottfried Giebel in Halle.


Giebel's chief publications were Palaeozoologie (1846); Fauna der Vorwelt (1847-1856); Deutschlands Petrefacten (1852); Odontographie (1855); Lehrbuch der Zoologie (1857); Thesaurus ornithologiae (1872-1877).[2] His 5-volume Naturgeschichte des Tierreichs (1859–1864) is considered to be a forerunner to Brehms Tierleben.[3] With Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz, he was editor of the Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaften.[4]

He is the taxonomic author of the extinct fish genera Asima (1848),[5] Elonichthys (1848),[6] and Tharsis (1847).[7][8]



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