Christoph von Scheurl

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Christoph von Scheurl, portrait by Cranach the Elder
Albrecht Dürer: Crest of the Scheurl and Tucher von Simmelsdorf families, c. 1512

Christoph von Scheurl (also: Christoph Scheurl; 11 November 1481 – 14 June 1542) was a German jurist, diplomat and humanist who became famous for arranging a humanistic friendship between Johann Eck and Martin Luther.

Von Scheurl was born in Nuernberg. He was among the first people to have Luther's 95 theses printed and distributed.[1]

Works (selected)[edit]

  • De rebus gestis Alberti Ducis Saxioniae
  • De Vita Ant. Cressenis
  • Tractatus de sacerdorum & ecclesiasticarum rerum praestantia, Leipzig 1511
  • Lib. De laudibus Germaniae & Ducum Saxoniae, Leipzig 1508
  • Epist. Ad Charit. Pirckhameram, Nuernberg 1513
  • Epist. Ad Charit. Pirckhameram, Nuernberg 1513
  • Epist. Ad Staupitium de statu sive regimine reipubl. Noricae
  • Epist. Ad Petr. Bernstein, 1580


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