Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger

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Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger is a 2015 gothic fiction novel by V.C. Andrews based on her Dollanganger series.[1] It is the second installment of a set of novels that are spin-offs to the Dollanganger Saga.[2][3] It is a sequel to Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth.


The story is set after the last book in the Dollanganger series Garden of Shadows and Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth. A 17-year-old girl, Kristin Masterwood, has a father who has been hired to renovate Foxworth Hall after it has been abandoned after Seeds of Yesterday. When accompanying him during his renovation period, she discovers the remains of Christopher Dollanganger's diary which recorded the events in detail of his and his siblings' captivity in the attic in the first book Flowers in the Attic. Kristen and her boyfriend then go on to re-enact these events and more secrets from the previous books are revealed. They go to find out more about the family and the person rebuilding Foxworth Hall.


Kristin Masterwood's mother was distantly related to the notorious Foxworth family—but she died when Kristin was a child, leaving her daughter to wonder how the ancestral link might affect her. Now that Kristin is the sole possessor of Christopher's diary, the story of the abandoned estate has her enthralled. Watching Christopher and his sister Cathy's forbidden love blossom is overwhelming, and shocking revelations about the family are more potent than she ever could have imagined. And when her boyfriend urges her to give in to desires as tempting and dangerous as those from the attic, the twisted world of the Dollangangers becomes Kristin's own burning obsession....[4]


The book is directly succeeded by Christopher's Diary: Secret Brother.


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