Chris Baillie

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Chris Baillie
Personal information
Nationality British
Born (1981-04-21) 21 April 1981 (age 37)
Glasgow, Scotland
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Sport Running / Hurdling
College team Team Bath

Victoria Park Athletic Club

Birchfield Harriers

Christopher Baillie (born 21 April 1981) is a Scottish hurdler from Old Kilpatrick, most noted for his silver medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in the 110 metre hurdles. He is the younger brother of the late Ross Baillie who was also a hurdler.

Baillie now after retiring late in 2014 has taken up a more coaching side of things when it comes to athletics, basing himself in the West coast of Scotland at Scotstoun Stadium, home ground of his previous club Victoria Park Athletic.