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Christopher Blenkinsop (born 7 March 1963) is an English-German writer, composer, musician and producer, and a member of the band 17 Hippies.


Born in Manila (Philippines) to an English mother and German father, Blenkinsop led a nomadic existence throughout his childhood living in Cairo, Teheran, Singapore, Jakarta, before his family finally settled in then West Germany in the late 1970s, where he finished high school.

As a member of a musical family, Blenkinsop was given classical music training from a young age. However, when his mother died when he was 14, he "stopped all classical music ... let [his] hair grow long and started playing bass in rock bands."[1] Nevertheless, his strong musical foundation meant that he found he was able to play other instruments with ease and so became a popular stand in musician for bands.

"People would often say, 'You sit in with this band and play whatever is needed'. I played clarinet in one band, accordion in another. I played in a pick-up band for US artists touring in Europe - we did acoustic or electric set-ups where I played guitar, or bass or piano."[2]

He is a composer for theatre and film music, and presently co-founder and musical head of the Berlin-based band 17 Hippies. Blenkinsop currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

He is a grandnephew of Arthur Blenkinsop.


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