Christopher Hall (theologian)

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Christopher Hall
Christopher A. Hall

1950 (age 68–69)
ResidencePennsylvania, US
Academic background
Alma mater
ThesisJohn Chrysostom's "On Providence": A Translation and Theological Interpretation (1991)
Academic work
School or tradition
InstitutionsEastern University

Christopher A. Hall (born 1950) is an American Episcopal theologian who is a leading exponent of paleo-orthodox theology. He was the Chancellor of Eastern University, the dean of the Templeton Honors College, and, together with United Methodist theologian Thomas C. Oden, another paleo-orthodox scholar, he edits the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. He has stated that his goal as a theologian is, "to introduce modern Christians to the world of the early church, particularly because the Holy Spirit has a history."[1]

Hall and his wife Debbie have three children: Nathan, Nathalie, and Joshua.[2]


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