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Christopher Klim
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Klim speaking a Princeton University
Occupation Author

Christopher Klim is an American author.

Literary Life[edit]

His work has been compared to Dashiell Hammett[1] by Philadelphia Weekly, Carl Hiaasen[2] by the Times, and John Steinbeck by Robert Gover.[3] Klim said, "[His novel Jesus Lives in Trenton] served as a litmus test, evoking people’s sense of God and religion by the title alone...".[4] Everything Burns is a fictionalized study of pyromania. His novel The Winners Circle, a satire about the meaning of wealth in America, led The Book Reporter to call him "among the top humor novelists of the day."[5]

In 2005, Klim became the Chairman[6] of the Eric Hoffer Book Award.[7]

From 2007 to 2015, Klim served as the executive editor of Best New Writing [8] which was said to "immediately become a treasured possession” by Walter Cronkite.[9] He was the lead editor in restoring the works of the American writer Eric Hoffer to print[10] as well as editing Robert Gover's later books.


  • Jesus Lives in Trenton (2002)
  • Everything Burns (2003)
  • The Winners Circle (2006)
  • Idiot! (2009)
  • True Surrealism: Stories (2011)


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