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Chris Krovatin
Born June 24, 1985
New York City

Christopher Krovatin (born 1985) is an American author and musician living in New York City. He has published three novels – Heavy Metal and You (2006), Venomous (2008), and Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones (2012, intended as the first in a series) – and written for the heavy metal magazine Revolver Magazine.

Early life[edit]

Christopher Krovatin was born in New York City to prominent attorney Gerald Krovatin and prize-winning author Anna Quindlen. Their other son Quindlen Krovatin is also a published author.[1][2]


Chris Krovatin began to write his first book, Heavy Metal and You, at age 16, after being hired as an intern for David Levithan. In 2007 he graduated from Wesleyan University and the following year he published his second novel, Venomous, about a teen, Locke Vinetti, whose rage might have a supernatural manifestation. Venomous has been adapted into a comic book by Dark Horse Comics, Deadlocke, and has been optioned as a screenplay.[3]

Krovatin's third novel, not yet published, was the second acquisition made by Diane Salvatore after being made publisher of Broadway Books. It is in production.[1]

In 2008 Krovatin began a stint working as an editorial assistant at Revolver magazine. He has since stopped working at the Revolver offices but is still a regular contributor, writing reviews and articles for their print and web arms, and writing his own regular feature for the Revolver blog, the "Final Six".[citation needed]


Krovatin is the singer of the Brooklyn, New York-based death metal band, Flaming Tusk, under the pseudonym "Stolas Trephinator". Krovatin has been the sole vocalist and lyricist since he joined in February 2008. He has full or partial lyrics credits on 7 of 8 of the tracks on their most recent LP, Old, Blackened Century.[4]


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