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Christopher Liam Moore (born June 12, 1964, Salem, Massachusetts), an American actor noted for his theatre work and his role as Richard in the sitcom 10 Items or Less. He graduated from Harvard College in 1986.[1]



Moore and his partner and fellow actor and director Bill Rauch co-founded the Cornerstone Theatre Company in 1986. The acting company has been based in Los Angeles since 1992.


Moore stars in the TBS television series 10 Items or Less. He also starred in an episode of Friends; series 5 episode 5 "The One with the Kips" as the Hotel Clerk.


Genre Year Title Role Episodes Notes
TV film 1996 The Cherokee Kid Pinedale Teller
Short film 1997 Anita Liberty Chris, The Blind Date 15 minutes
TV series 1997 EZ Streets Officer Brian Leary "A Terrible Beauty"
TV series 1998 3rd Rock from the Sun Waiter "Just Your Average Dick"
TV series 1998 Friends The Hotel Clerk "The One with the Kips"
TV series 1997 Star Trek: Voyager Tova Veer "Distant Origin"
TV series 1999 Star Trek: Voyager Unnamed Varro Alien "The Disease"
TV series 1999 It's Like, You Know... Waiter "Memories of Me"
TV series 2001 Murder in Small Town X Reporter Frank Kovick
TV series 2000 Judging Amy Ian Jankowski "Human Touch"
"Blast from the Past"
4 episodes total
TV series 2002 Judging Amy Ian Jankowski "Come Back Soon"
"Lost in the System"
4 episodes total
TV film 2004 Memron Martin
Film 2006 Sharif Don't Like It The Host
TV series 2006 10 Items or Less Richard "The New Boss"
"The Miracle Worker"
"Health Insurance"
"What Women Want"
"Bag It"
21 episodes total
TV series 2008 10 Items or Less Richard "Dollar Day Afternoon"
"Forever Young"
"To Heir Is Human"
"First Time"
"The Bromance"
"Amy Strikes Back"
"Illegal Alien"
"The Ren Fair"
21 episodes total
TV series 2009 10 Items or Less Richard "Turkey Bowling"
"Eye Can See Clearly"
"Star Trok"
"One Day at a Time"
"The Whistler"
"The Milk Man"
"Dances with Groceries"
21 episodes total


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