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Christopher Martenson
Born (1962-09-15) 15 September 1962 (age 56)

Christopher Hamlin Martenson (born September 15, 1962) is an economic researcher, writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. In 2008 he released YouTube videos he called The Crash Course divided into 19 short video chapters of problems in the nonsustainability of our economy, energy and environment. He is the cofounder of[1]


Martenson holds a PhD degree in pathology from Duke University in 1994 and an MBA degree from Cornell University in 1998. He followed a post-doctoral program at Duke University, where he specialized in neurotoxicology. Martenson is a fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.[2][3]

Views on the economy[edit]

In his writings and in interviews with various media outlets, Martenson regularly warns his audience of economic crises. In 2010, he predicted a new era of stagflation,[4] in which monetary inflation outpaces economic growth, or even simultaneous stagflation and deflation.[5] In 2012, Martenson warned of a liquidity crisis.[6] He has recommended that consumers take steps to prepare themselves for "peak oil", after which he asserts that recovery of petroleum resources will decline.[7] According to Martenson, large changes related to economic, energy, and environmental factors will occur in the near future (2015-2020).[8]

He has cautioned:

The big story is this: The world has physical limits that we are already encountering, but our economy operates as if no physical limits exist. Our economy requires growth. I don’t mean growth is required as if its written in a legal document somewhere, but is required in the sense that our economy only functions well when its growing. With growth, jobs are created and debts are serviced. Without growth, jobs, opportunities, and the ability to repay past debts simply and mysteriously disappear, causing economic pain and confusion.[9]

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