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Christopher Penczak (born 1973) is an author in the fields of paganism and magic. He is also a high priest and co-founder of Temple of Witchcraft.[1]

In 2000, he was ordained as a minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. He is a part-time faculty member at the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health and a founding member of the Gifts of Grace Foundation, a non-profit organization in New Hampshire made up of individuals from diverse spiritual backgrounds dedicated to joyful service to the local communities.[2]

Penczak has penned a number of acclaimed titles on witchcraft and healing. In 2002, City Magick won Best Magic Book from the Coalition of Visionary Retailers. In 2003, he won the same award for The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. In 2004, Penczak received multiple awards from the Coalition of Visionary Retailers, including a tie for Best Book of the Year for The Outer Temple of Witchcraft.

He continues to write books and articles. He maintains a teaching and healing practice in New Hampshire, where he lives in a polyamorous relationship with his partners, roleplaying game designer and developer Steve Kenson and Reiki master Adam Sartwell.[3]


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  • 2002 - The Inner Temple of Witchcraft Meditation - Meditation 4-CD Companion Set (Llewellyn) ISBN 0-7387-0387-7
  • 2004 - Outer Temple of Witchcraft - Meditation 4-CD Companion Set (Llewellyn) ISBN 0-7387-0532-2
  • 2005 - The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft - 4-CD Companion (Llewellyn) ISBN 0-7387-0768-6
  • 2007 - The Temple of High Witchcraft: Ceremonies, Spheres and The Witches' Qabalah - 4-CD Companion ISBN 978-0-7387-1166-9
  • 2008 - The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume One: The Descent of the Goddess - 5-CD Companion ISBN 978-0-7387-1430-1
  • 2009 - The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume Two: The Journey of the God - 5-CD Companion ISBN 978-0-7387-1481-3


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