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Christopher Rush
Born (1965-04-06)April 6, 1965[1]
Died February 10, 2016(2016-02-10) (aged 50)
Nationality American
Known for fantasy illustration
Notable work Power Nine among other MTG works

Christopher Rush (April 6, 1965 – February 10, 2016) was an American illustrator for Magic: The Gathering.[2] In total, he illustrated over 100 cards for the series, including the most expensive card in the game, the Black Lotus. Most of his work for Wizards of the Coast was done on the earliest sets, where he also helped with various design and marketing issues, including the design of the symbols representing the 5 colors of mana.[3]

While the Pokémon TCG was still run by Wizards, Rush did the illustration for Promo Mewtwo #12, which was released in the April 2000 issue of Nintendo Power. Incidentally, he was the first artist from outside Japan to have illustrated a Pokémon card, and remains one of the few.

While working on art for Wizards of the Coast, Rush also worked as a Game Play Counselor at Nintendo of America in Redmond, Washington. He later continued to do freelance work, illustrating cards for various games and concept art for computer games and television.

Rush died on February 10, 2016, one day after fellow Magic: The Gathering artist Wayne England. Rush was 50 years old.[4]

List of cards[edit]

Card name Cost Rarity
Abbey Gargoyles 2WWW U
All Hallow’s Eve 2BB R
Apprentice Sorcerer 2U U
Archangel 5WW R
Artifact Possession 2B C
Basal Thrull BB C
Black Lotus 0 R
Blacker Lotus 0 R
Blood of the Martyr WWW U
Bog Imp 1B C
Bone Flute 3 U
Booster Tutor B U
Brainstorm U C
Brass Man 1 U
Canopy Spider 1G C
Chicken Egg 1R C
Chronatog 1U R
Chronatog Totem 3 U
Circle of Protection: Black 1W C
Circle of Protection: Red 1W C
Coal Golem 5 U
Collector Protector 3WW R
Craw Giant 3GGGG U
Crookshank Kobolds 0 C
Dark Heart of the Wood BG C
Demystify W C
Descendant of Kiyomaro 1WW U
Desert Nomads 2R C
Dread Reaper 3BBB R
Elvish Pioneer G C
Elvish Scout G C
Eron the Relentless 3RR U
Field of Reality 2U C
Fire Drake 1RR U
Flying Men U C
Forbidden Lore 2G R
Forbidden Ritual 2BB R
Forest L
Fyndhorn Elder 2G U
Gauntlet of Might 4 R
Goblin Berserker 3R U
Goblin Grenade R C
Goblin Rimerunner R C
Granite Gargoyle 2R R
Green Mana Battery 4 R
Heed the Mists 3UU U
Hell Swarm B C
Icatian Infantry W C
Ihsan’s Shade 3BBB U
Imaginary Pet 1U R
Imprison B R
Indomitable Will 1W C
Infantry Veteran W C
Ishi-Ishi, Akki Crackshot 1R R
Joiner Adept 1G R
Jovial Evil 2B R
Junún Efreet 1BB U
Knights of Thorn 3W R
Kormus Bell 4 R
Krovikan Horror 3B R
Lightning Bolt R C
Lim-Dûl's Paladin 2BR U
Lotus Bloom1
Malachite Talisman 2 U
Mana Flare 2R R
Mana Leak 1U C
Manabarbs 3R R
Metamorphosis G C
Moonring Mirror 5 R
Muse Vessel 4 R
Myr Quadropod 4 C
Mystic Restraints 2UU C
Nafs Asp G C
Necrite 1BB C
Nether Shadow BB R
Netherborn Phalanx 5B U
Niall Silvain GGG R
No-Dachi 2 U
Order of the Ebon Hand BB C
Opal Guardian WWW R
Overgrowth 2G C
Plains L
Powerleech GG U
Prophecy W C
Radjan Spirit 3G U
Rakdos Ickspitter 1BR C
Rakalite 6 R
Rashka the Slayer 3WW U
Rathi Dragon 2RR R
Relic Bind 2U R
Reroute 1R U
Rod of Ruin 4 U
Rukh Egg 3R R
Rukh2 0
Runesword 6 C
Safe Haven R
Seraph 6W R
Snapping Drake 3U C
Snow-Covered Plains L
Sol Grail 3 U
Soldevi Adnate 1B C
Steam Spitter 4G U
Stone Rain 2R C
Storm World R R
Su-Chi 4 U
Sunastian Falconer 3RG U
Tablet of Epityr 1 C
Tawnos’s Coffin 4 R
The Wretched 3BB R
Tomorrow, Azami’s Familiar 5U R
Tormod’s Crypt 0 C
Twinstrike 3BR U
Ur-Drago 3UUBB R
Urza’s Bauble 0 U
Utvara Scalper 1R C
Volcanic Hammer 1R C
Wellwisher 1G C
Word of Undoing U C
Yotian Soldier 3 C


1.^ Time Spiral Prelease Tournament foil
2.^ Cast only in the mtg game Shandalar when Rukh Egg dies Rukh creature appears. Done in 1994. Not to be confused with the Edward P. Beard Jr. version.[citation needed]


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