Christopher Scotese

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Christopher R. Scotese
Born 4 May 1953
Chicago, IL
Residence USA
Fields geology, paleogeography
Institutions Northwestern University, Evanston
Alma mater University of Chicago

Christopher R. Scotese is a geologist at the University of Texas at Arlington. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1985. He is creator of the Paleomap Project, which aims to map Earth over the last billion years, and is credited with predicting Pangaea Ultima, a possible future supercontinent configuration.[1]

Dr. Scotese has renamed Pangaea Ultima to Pangaea Proxima to alleviate confusion about the name Pangaea Ultima, which implies that it is the last supercontinent.[2]

Selected Publications[edit]

  • Scotese, C.R. (1997). Continental Drift (7 ed.). Arlington, Texas: Paleomap Project. p. 79. 


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