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[1]Christopher Smitherman is a politician from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was elected to Cincinnati City Council in 2003[2] as a member of the Charter Committee. He was defeated in his attempt for reelection in 2005 after a controversial time in office which lost him his Charter Committee endorsement for his next election campaign. Smitherman was elected president of the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP[3] in April 2007. In 2011 Smitherman was reelected to Cincinnati City Council for another two-year term as an independent. Smitherman faced heavy opposition for his position as President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP in 2013. After winning reelection to Cincinnati City Council in November 2013 he announced he was stepping down as the local head of the NAACP in December.[4]

Early life[edit]

Christopher Smitherman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to father Dr. Herbert Smitherman and mother Mrs. Barbara Smitherman (maiden name Flowers). Smitherman has five siblings- one sister and four brothers.[5] He attended high school at the School for Performing Arts (SCPA) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Smitherman earned his bachelor's degree in criminal justice at The Ohio State University (OSU) and obtained his master's degree in Counseling from Bowling Green State University (BGSU).


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