Christopher St. John

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Christopher St. John
Born United States
Other names Chris St. John
Occupation Actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter
Years active 1968–1988
Children Kristoff St. John

Christopher St. John, sometimes credited as Chris St. John, is an African-American film and television actor. He is also a film producer, film director and screenwriter and played a minor role in the television series Remington Steele.


A member of the Actors Studio starting in the mid-1960s,[1][2] St. John is best known for playing the role of Ben Buford in the 1971 blaxploitation film Shaft. Between 1968 and 1988, he appeared in eight film and television productions.

In addition to appearing as George Lattimer in Top of the Heap (1972), St. John wrote, directed, and produced the film.[3][4] It was entered into the 22nd Berlin International Film Festival[5] and was nominated for the Golden Bear, the festival's biggest prize.[6]

St. John is the father of actor Kristoff St. John.


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