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Christopher Tsagakis (born July 27, 1979) is one of the founding members and current drummer for the band Rx Bandits. He is also a member of The Sound of Animals Fighting, with former bandmate Rich Balling. Chris has an electronic side project entitled "Technology." He is also a prolific painter. [1] He sells his art on Etsy. [2] His nickname is "C-Gak."

Personal life[edit]

Chris was born to Nancy Boyd (née Aros, formerly Tsagakis), a florist; and Mike Tsagakis, a landscaper. He is of Greek and white heritage. He has two younger siblings: Jonny Tsagakis, former member of Rx Bandits, and Gabriel Tsagakis. Chris attended Los Alamitos High School, but graduated from Laurel High Continuation School in 1997. Chris married Ericka Swensson, a PhD student at the University of Southern California on August 20, 2004 at St.Timothy's Lutheran Church in Long Beach, CA. Chris was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, but no longer practices.

Chris was recently sponsored by Dark Horse Percussion, and now tours with a custom made four-piece Dark Horse Percussion drum set.


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