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Chris Ueland is an American entrepreneur and community activist. He is the founder and president of MaxCDN, a content delivery network.


Ueland is originally from New York City. As a teenager, he worked on ML.ORG, an open source project, which sparked his interest in the internet. He moved to Los Angeles at 18 and is described as a "serial entrepreneur."[1]

Globat, LLC[edit]

Ueland was an owner and president of Globat.Com,[1][2][3] a web hosting company for small businesses.[4] In 2007, Ueland acquired web-hosting company, enabling Globat which led to multiple hosting platforms for clients.[5] Globat subsequently developed a centralized graphical control panel.[6] Globat was acquired in 2009 by the Endurance International Group and added to its portfolio of hosting companies.[7][edit]

Ueland writes a blog on scaling websites called The blog provides interviews and tare downs on popular websites and infrastructures.


In 2009, Ueland founded MaxCDN. He is president of the company. In 2013, MaxCDN was listed as the fifth largest CDN by[8] It also relabeled consumer CDNs HDDN and CloudCache under its MaxCDN brand; NetDNA, an enterprise-oriented CDN, was rebranded as MaxCDN Enterprise.[9]

Community & volunteer work[edit]

Ueland was vice-president of the Greater Valley Glen Council (GVGC) for the city of Los Angeles [10] from 2008 to 2010 and community activist/co-chair of the Studio City Outreach Committee (SCNC) of Studio City in Los Angeles from 2008 to 2009.[11]


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