Christopher Whitehead Language College

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Christopher Whitehead Language College
Motto In pursuit of excellence
Established 1983
Type Academy
Headteacher Neil Morris
Chair Kathryn Bentley
Founder Christopher Whitehead
Location Bromwich Road
Coordinates: 52°11′10″N 2°13′59″W / 52.18610°N 2.23317°W / 52.18610; -2.23317
Local authority Worcestershire
DfE URN 136890 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students approx 1,000
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–16
Houses Brunel,Seacole,Da-Vinci,Curie,Pankhurst and Shakespeare
Colours Gold,Purple,Red,Light Blue,Navy Blue and Green

Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form is a secondary school in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. It is a co-educational school, in which there are about 1200 students enrolled, aged between 11 and 18. The school holds Specialist Language College status, and became an academy in 2011. In 2015 it opened it as an 11-18 school with the first intake arriving in September 2015.


The school was opened in 1983 following the merger of two schools and it draws its pupils mainly from the St John's area of Worcester and the surrounding west side of Worcester City. The school gained specialist language college status in September 2005.[1]

Grounds and Facilities[edit]

The school occupies a large site on the west bank of the River Severn with views of the Malvern Hills and of Worcester City and its Cathedral. The school was formed in 1983 by the amalgamation of two schools, Christopher Whitehead Boys School and Christopher Whitehead Girls School. The Boys School was formerly housed in the older 1950s buildings and the Girls Schools in the newer 1960s and 1970s buildings. As such, its buildings vary in age and architecture. To add to the confusion, the 1950s School building originally housed both the Boys and Girls school, separate entrances were used. It has been substantially modernised and re-equipped since its formation.[1]


Since September 2007, the school was divided into six houses. Each pupil wears a coloured tie of their corresponding house. Pupils now share their forms with approximately 5 pupils from each year at the school in the same house. The houses are: Da Vinci, Pankhurst, Shakespeare, Curie, Brunel, and Seacole.


Geography teacher Christopher Elliott, was found guilty on 3 June 2011 of "unprofessional conduct at Christopher Whitehead Language College in Worcester where he worked for nine years." for mocking disabled children and throwing chairs at students. [2]


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