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Christopher Wilson (born 1951) is a British lutenist.


The Britannica Lute

Wilson studied the lute at the Royal College of Music in London with Diana Poulton. He has performed widely in Great Britain and abroad, as a soloist and with other prominent musicians and ensembles,[1] such as Michael Chance, Fretwork and The Hilliard Ensemble.[2]

A frequent guest on television and radio, Wilson has recorded numerous CDs for various recording companies. His consistent duo partner over the years has been the lutenist and singer Shirley Rumsey, with whom he co-directs the ensemble “Kithara”.[3]

Selected recordings[edit]

  • Rosa (Elizabethian Lute Music) (Virgin, 1991)
  • La Magdalena, Lute Music in Renaissance France (Virgin, 1995)
  • Francesco Canova da Milano: Lute Music (Naxos, 1994)
  • Milán, Narváez: Music for Vihuela (Naxos, 1996)
  • Dall'Aquila / Da Crema: Ricercars / Intabulations / Dances (Naxos, 1996)
  • Antony Holborne, Thomas Robinson: Pavans & Galliards (Naxos, 1998)
  • John Johnson: Lute Music (Naxos, 2003)
  • Early Venetian Lute Music (Naxos, 1999)
  • Dowland: The First Booke of Songes, with Rufus Müller, tenor (Decca, 1993)
  • Elizabethan & Jacobean Lute Songs, with Michael Chance, countertenor (Chandos, 1993)
  • O Sweet Woods the Delight of Solitarienesse: Songs and Sonnets of John Donne and Philip Sidney, with Paul Agnew, tenor (Metronome 1995)
  • Flow My Teares: John Dowland Songs Volume 1, with Paul Agnew, tenor (Metronome 1995)
  • In Darknesse let me dewll: John Dowland Songs Volume 2, with Paul Agnew, tenor (1996)
  • Nicholas Lanier: Hero and Leander with Paul Agnew, tenor (Metronome 1999)
  • Fantasia de mon Triste: Lute Music of Francesco da Milano, Vincenzo Capirola and Francesco Spinancino (Metronome 1997)



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