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Christopher Jordan and Kevin Justin Graves are two American child actors (born May 2, 1989 in California). Their acting career started in 1990, when they played "Lucas Stansbury Jones" on the soap opera General Hospital. During the next 5 years, they had recurring roles on Baby Talk (as "Baby Max", Feb. 1991 - May 1992), Cheers (as "Frederick Crane", April 1991 - January 1993), Dangerous Women (as "Robbie Walker", 1991), Life Goes On (as "Baby Nick", Sept. 1992 - Feb. 1993), and The Bold and the Beautiful (as "C.J. Garrison", 1994–1995). Since 1996, they have only been seen twice on TV: First on ER (as "Danny" and "Josh", May 1996), and then on The X-Files (as "Kid", February 2001).

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