Christos G. Doumas

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Christos G. Doumas
Christos Doumas at Akrotiri 2010-10-09.jpg
Christos Doumas interpreting the site of Akrotiri in October 2010 to Luo Linquan
Born 1933 (age 83–84)
Patras, Greece
Nationality Greece
Occupation Archaeologist
Known for Akrotiri excavations

Christos Georgiou Doumas (Greek: Χρήστος Γεωργίου Ντούμας; born 1933), is a Greek archaeology professor at the University of Athens. From 1960 up until 1980, he had a career in the Greek Archaeological Service as curator of antiquities in Attica (on the Athenian Acropolis), in the Cyclades, in the Dodecanese Islands, and in the northern Aegean islands. He conducted excavations and organized many museum exhibitions in different regions of Greece. Doumas also served as curator of the prehistoric collections of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Moreover, he became the director of antiquities and the director of conservation at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Since 1975, Doumas has been the director of excavations at Akrotiri on the Island of Thera (Santorini), as a successor to Spyridon Marinatos. He published several books and scholarly articles on Aegean archaeology and particularly about the cultures of the Aegean Islands.

Published works (selection)[edit]

  • Doumas, C.; Papazoglu, L. (1980). "Santorini tephra from Rhodes". Nature. 287 (5780): 322–324. doi:10.1038/287322a0. 
  • Doumas, C. (1992). The Wall Paintings of Thera. Athens: The Thera Foundation. ISBN 960-220-274-2. 
  • Doumas, C. (1983). Thera - Scavi a Santorini. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd. ISBN 88-05-03846-6. 

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