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Christy Jenkins
Charmed character
Christy Jenkins.jpg
First appearance "Kill Billie Vol. 1"
Last appearance "Forever Charmed"
Created by Brad Kern
Portrayed by Marnette Patterson (adult)
Stephanie Patton (child)
Aliases The Key to the Ultimate Power
Species Witch, Firestarter
Notable powers Telepathy
Parents Helen Jenkins (mother, deceased)
Carl Jenkins (father, deceased)
Siblings Billie Jenkins (sister)

Christy Jenkins is a fictional character from the television series Charmed. The character was primarily portrayed by Marnette Patterson in eight episodes in 2006, with the character as a whole appearing in ten episodes of the eighth season.



Christy is the eldest of the Jenkins sisters and is portrayed by Marnette Patterson for 8 episodes of the show's eighth season (2005–2006). As a child she is portrayed by actresses Allie Orsatti in the episode "Kill Billie Vol. 1" (age 7)[1] and Stephanie Patton in the episode "12 Angry Zen" (age 11).[2] The audience first learns of the character Christy in the episode "Kill Billie Vol. 1", and discover that she was kidnapped from her home as a child by Scabber Demons at the age of seven.[1] These demons hold her captive within The Underworld for fifteen years and intend to use her as the key to the "ultimate power" under the orders of The Triad, a trio of powerful upper-level demons who had originally sent the demon mercenary Belthazor/Cole Turner (Julian McMahon) undercover to defeat The Charmed Ones in season three (2000–2001). During the episode "12 Angry Zen", Christy's younger sister Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco) uses her newly acquired power of projection to time-travel and visit an eleven-year-old Christy.[2] This allows Billie to discover that Christy is still alive and being held captive in The Underworld.[2] By the end of the episode, Billie successfully locates her missing sister.[2]

Christy in the episode "Generation Hex" (her father is visible in the background).

Once Christy is reunited with her sister Billie, she subsequently moves into Halliwell Manor with Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs).[3] Billie, Piper and the other two Charmed Ones, Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) and Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan), attempt to teach Christy how to fit into contemporary society and learn to control her firestarting powers.[3] Later in the show, it is revealed that Christy is working alongside The Triad, and her "rescue" was planned in order to place her in the position to access the "ultimate power", which is revealed to be Billie and her newfound power of projection.[4] During her mission to turn Billie against the Halliwell sisters, Christy falters in her loyalties to The Triad when she reconnects with her mortal parents Carl (David Starzyk) and Helen Jenkins (Barbara Niven).[5] In an attempt to secure Christy's allegiance to their cause, The Triad have Christy's parents murdered by the Noxon demons (a duo of demons incapable of being vanquished) in the episode "Generation Hex".[6] After obtaining revenge for the death of her parents by vanquishing the immortal Noxon demon by having Billie amplify her firestarting power with the power of projection,[6] Christy proceeds to fulfill The Traid's plan by convincing Billie that Piper, Phoebe, and Paige have become corrupt by their power and no longer use their abilities for the greater good but for their own selfish desires.[7] She informs Billie that it is their destiny to stop the Charmed Ones from becoming a great force of evil.[7] Once Billie is on her side, the Jenkins sisters convince the entire magical community that the Charmed Ones have abandoned their duties as their protectors in the episode "Gone with the Witches".[8]

In the penultimate episode, "Kill Billie Vol. 2", it is revealed that the demon Dumain (Anthony Cistaro), who posed as the childhood "imaginary friend" of Billie, persuaded The Triad to kidnap Christy years ago in order to train her as a weapon against the threat of The Charmed Ones.[9] Dumain proposed that a major battle between the Jenkins sisters and Charmed Ones would kill both sets of sisters and allow the Triad to rule The Underworld unopposed.[9] The Triad agreed to the plan and promised to make Dumain one of them should the plan succeed.[9] Dumain convinces the Jenkins sisters to invoke The Hollow and absorb the powers of Wyatt Halliwell in order to obtain the power to kill the Charmed Ones.[9] Simultaneously, the Charmed Ones use the same plan to use the Hollow to absorb the powers of an upper-level demon in order to kill the Jenkins sisters.[9] When the sisters engage in battle, the onslaught of power causes the Manor to explode killing Christy as well as Phoebe and Paige and leaving only Billie and Piper as the survivors.[9] In the series finale, "Forever Charmed" Christy is warned against confronting the Charmed Ones when her sister projects back into time just after the Hollow is invoked by both sets of sisters.[10] Billie has learned that The Triad and Dumain are working together to use them to take out the Charmed Ones. Christy remains undeterred by this revelation and is determined to carry out their destiny, with or without Billie.[10] With the help of Dumain, Christy steals Coop the Cupid's magical ring to time travel to the past and warn The Triad to convince past Christy and Billie to invoke the Hollow before the Charmed Ones.[10] This plan is thwarted when Billie helps the Charmed Ones travel back in time to vanquish The Triad and the past and present versions of Dumain leaving Christy without any allies.[10] Christy is enraged and, despite Billie's attempts to sway her to good, she launches a fireball at her sister which Billie deflects with telekinesis.[10] Christy is hit by her own fireball and is vaporized.[10]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Magical powers[edit]

In Charmed it is revealed that magical witches can develop and master a variety of magical skills and powers which include; scrying,[11] spell casting,[12] and brewing potent potions.[13] As a magical witch Christy can utilize scrying, a divination art form that allows one to locate a missing object or person. Christy can also cast spells, often written in iambic pentameter or as a rhyming couplet, to influence others or the world around her. She can also brew potions, most often used to vanquish foes or to achieve other magical feats similar to the effects of a spell. As a witch Christy has also developed a number of magical powers which include Telepathy and Firestarting.


In the season eight episode, "The Last Temptation of Christy", we learn that Christy has a telepathic power that allows her to hear thoughts and project her own.[3] Like The Source she can use it to communicate mentally between dimensions, as seen in various episodes of her season eight appearance. In the episode, "Engaged and Confused" the audience learns that Christy has used her telepathy to maintain constant contact with her demon masters, The Triad.[4] Other instances of using her telepathy across dimensions include sensing incoming demonic attacks in the episode "Generation Hex",[5] as well as eavesdropping on The Charmed Ones thoughts from Magic School in the episode "The Torn Identity".[6] Through these displays of power, Christy's telepathy is one of the most advanced forms of telepathy shown on the show, including Zachary's telepathy from season 6 episode, "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell", allowing him to tap into other people's powers and use them as his own. Never before seen on the show and much different from Phoebe's ability to channel other people's power.


As a firestarter witch Christy can mentally cause objects and beings to burst into flame.[3] She is shown to have enough control to reduce a demon to ash while not harming the surrounding area,[3] and burn a rope tying her hands behind her back while blind folded, and not burn herself.[4] She was also able to free herself from a crystal cage by focusing her fire power, killing a nearby demon and throwing a former Triad member a considerable distance in the resulting blast.[4] In later episodes of the season, she displayed the ability to generate fireballs by focusing her power midair[5][8] and on one occasion to propel them without the aid of her telekinetic sister Billie as seen in the series finale, "Forever Charmed".[10]

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