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Chromatic, a word ultimately derived from the Greek noun χρῶμα (khrṓma), which means "complexion" or "color", and then from the Greek adjective χρωματικός (khrōmatikós; "colored"), may refer to:

In music[edit]

In optics, vision, and color[edit]

  • Colorimetry, the science of color is sometimes called chromatics
  • Chromaticity, the quality of a color as determined by its "purity" and dominant wavelength
  • Chromatic aberration, departures from perfect imaging in optics systems due to dispersion
  • Chromatic dispersion, the dispersion of light due to differing refraction index for different wavelengths
  • RG Chromaticity, a two-dimensional color space in which there is no color intensity information
  • Chromatic adaptation, the ability for some organisms to perceive objects similarly in varying lighting conditions

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In optics, vision and color[edit]