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Chronic Logic LLC was an American video game developer and publisher based in Santa Cruz, California. It was founded in 2001 by Alex Austin and Ben Nichols after Austin's Bridge Builder became popular. Their first release was Pontifex in October of that year. In 2002, Josiah Pisciotta joined the company, but for that, Nichols left. In 2003, Edmund McMillen created contract art for an upcoming video game, which resulted in the 2004 video game Gish. However, McMillen did not continue working with Chronic Logic. In late 2005, Austin left the company, leaving Pisciotta alone in the company. Since then, Austin continued working alone under his pseudonym Cryptic Sea. He also received the rights to all of Chronic Logic's games, sharing the rights to Gish with McMillen. Pisciotta kept the rights for the sales made on their website.

Though Chronic Logic was basically defunct, Austin, Nichols and Pisciotta sometimes collaborated to create new games under its name. The first collaborated game was Kingdom Elemental in 2008.


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