Chronic Tacos

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Chronic Tacos
Industry Fast Casual
Founded Newport Beach, California 2002
Headquarters Aliso Viejo, California, United States
Number of locations
Area served
North Carolina
British Columbia
Key people
Randall Wyner (founder)
Michael Mohammed (CEO)
Jason Acuña (investor)
Products Tacos, burritos, and other Fast Casual Mexican food
Parent Chronic Tacos Enterprises
Chronic Tacos Huntington Beach Store

Chronic Tacos is a Fast Casual Mexican Grill serving generous portions of authentic food. Using third-generation recipes, Chronic Tacos' made-to-order menu is completely customizable; main items served include: tacos, burritos, and bowl-ritos.[1]

The first Chronic Tacos opened in Newport Beach in 2002. The relaxed atmosphere and addicting menu drew in a following and the Taco Life was born. Inspired by authentic food and the individuality, the Taco Life movement continues to spread across the nation.

In 2012, majority stake in the company was purchased by Calivan; by 2014, the franchise began its national expansion. Chronic Tacos now has 37 open locations serving in two different countries, and seven different states.[2]


Chronic Tacos was founded in 2001 by Randy Wyner and Dan Biello. Wyner, started a shop in Newport Beach, California, because he was "tired of biking so far to find a good taco."[3] Neither of the two had experience in the restaurant industry, so Wyner enlisted the help of a Mexican-American friend who was able to provide him with an authentic family recipe. In April 2006, with the help of Dan's brother Mike Biello, Chronic Tacos Enterprises was formed. The first franchise opened in San Clemente, California. There are roughly 35 restaurants present in states such as, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Alabama and Canada.[4]

In 2010, on the wave of success in an economic downturn, a franchise store was opened by professional skater and Jackass star Jason Acuña. The shop, located in Redondo Beach, California, is named Wee Man's Chronic Tacos[3] after Acuña's own nickname which was given to him because of his small stature.

Because of Acuna's partial ownership, he made a brief promotion of the chain in Jackass 3D.

Gringo Bandito's Chronic Tacos Eating Contest[edit]

Gringo Bandito, the hot sauce created by Dexter Holland, and Chronic Tacos, the California-inspired Mexican Grill, have partnered to host six record-breaking taco eating events. The event brings a mix of music, lively patrons, and, yes, lots of taco eating. The event invites competitive eaters from all over the world to participate. The event is broken up into two competition categories: amateur and professional.

The amateurs will battle against each other as well as against Jason Acuña, Jackass’ Wee Man, to win amateur bragging rights and cash prizes. The professional tier draws competitive eaters from around the world, including two-time champion Takeru Kobayashi. Last year the world famous Kobayashi won the contest and set a new world record by eating more than 140 tacos in under ten minutes. The event's attendance has grown every year.[5]


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