Chronicle of Georgia

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Chronicle of Georgia
Bombastic by Tsereteli.jpg
Coordinates41°46′14″N 44°48′38″E / 41.770503°N 44.810438°E / 41.770503; 44.810438Coordinates: 41°46′14″N 44°48′38″E / 41.770503°N 44.810438°E / 41.770503; 44.810438
Beginning date1985

The Chronicle of Georgia (or History Memorial of Georgia) is a monument located near the Tbilisi sea. It was created by Zurab Tsereteli in 1985 but was never fully finished. The monument chronicles the history of Georgia. The monument sits at the top of a large set of stairs. There are 16 pillars that are between 30–35 meters tall and the top half features kings, queens and heroes while the bottom part depict stories from the life of Christ. There is a grapevine cross of St. Nino and a chapel.[1][2][3]


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